Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday, June 14: Special No-foreign-affairs Edition



Three times, a lady...

Then, once...

Twice, a dog.

Mark: Do you remember Tebby?
Jonah: Do I! I actually replaced Tebby.
M: Well then you must know John.
J: Of course!
M: Well, did you hear that he got married last year?
J: No! That jerk! Why didn't he call me? Who was the bride?
M: Do you remember Laura?
J: Laura Haynes?
M: Oh God no. Can you imagine John with that hag? No, Laura Smith.
J: Get out of town!
M: I swear.
J: I went out on a date with her when she first moved to D.C.
M: Oh you're kidding.
J: No, it's true. She actually asked me out.
M: Oh she would.
J: And listen to this, she took me to this French restaurant, and mispronounced pretty much, like, every word on the menu.
M: Oh I know. She only got that job she had because of her daddy.
J: No wonder John married her.
M: [snicker]
J: [snicker]
M: Wait... are we recording?
J: Oh crap. Well call me after we finish this because I have to tell you about who I saw last weekend.
M: Who?
J: After, after.
M: I can't wait that long! Just give me the name.
J: Leon.
M: No!
J: Yes.
M: Oh my god you have to tell me all about it.
J: Oh don't worry.
M: Was it awkward?
J: Oh it was intolerable!
J: [snicker]
M: Well, onto our first topic.


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