Sunday, June 25, 2006

Monday, June 19: Sweeps Week Special!

Mickey: Look at the size of my coffee cup Bob! It is enormous!
Bob: That is enormous! But wait...

Bob: I have an enormous mug!
Mickey: I can't even look at that thing. It's grotesque!

Mickey: This is my index finger.
Bob: No Mickey, I'm afraid you are confused again...

Bob: This is an index finger.
Mickey: Ooooh...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Saturday, June 17: The Mideast Mess

Whew. Umansky isn't around. What a tool.

Ohmygod, he was there the whole time and he's looking this way! Oh I'm just going to die if he talks to me. Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact...

That's right. Let's just ignore each other. What a tool.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday, June 14: Special No-foreign-affairs Edition



Three times, a lady...

Then, once...

Twice, a dog.

Mark: Do you remember Tebby?
Jonah: Do I! I actually replaced Tebby.
M: Well then you must know John.
J: Of course!
M: Well, did you hear that he got married last year?
J: No! That jerk! Why didn't he call me? Who was the bride?
M: Do you remember Laura?
J: Laura Haynes?
M: Oh God no. Can you imagine John with that hag? No, Laura Smith.
J: Get out of town!
M: I swear.
J: I went out on a date with her when she first moved to D.C.
M: Oh you're kidding.
J: No, it's true. She actually asked me out.
M: Oh she would.
J: And listen to this, she took me to this French restaurant, and mispronounced pretty much, like, every word on the menu.
M: Oh I know. She only got that job she had because of her daddy.
J: No wonder John married her.
M: [snicker]
J: [snicker]
M: Wait... are we recording?
J: Oh crap. Well call me after we finish this because I have to tell you about who I saw last weekend.
M: Who?
J: After, after.
M: I can't wait that long! Just give me the name.
J: Leon.
M: No!
J: Yes.
M: Oh my god you have to tell me all about it.
J: Oh don't worry.
M: Was it awkward?
J: Oh it was intolerable!
J: [snicker]
M: Well, onto our first topic.

Monday, June 12: Special Annoyance Edition

Never disagree with a Van Buren boy.

Saturday, June 10: A Good Fight on the Left

Can I get you a Midol, Bob?

Some theories on why Bob Wright was in such a foul mood during this diavlog...
*Found hair in salad at lunch
*Neighbor hasn't cut lawn in 6 weeks
*Peter Beinart

Wednesday, June 7: The Waning of the Curse of Ross

Nice beard!
You too!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday, June 5: Bloggingheads Take On All Threats

The bite...

The chew...

The horror...

Jun 1: The Curse of Ross (cont'd)

Murmurers of the world, unite!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tuesday, May 30: Mickey's Disappearing Act

The saddest thing I have ever seen.

Q.) Who loses in a battle between caffeine-deprived Bob and sleep-deprived Mickey?

A.) The viewers.