Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Monday, May 22: Special Nuclear Family Edition

Look at me Jacqueline Shire. Look at my fresh haircut and my ice cold black on black ensemble. I'm so hip my knees are jealous. Love me Jacqueline Shire.

Can I call you Jackie, Jacqueline? I may? Well Jackie, I toast to you. I can see that you are delighted by my gesture.

Avert your eyes darling Jackie. I'm about to scratch my nose, and it won't be a pretty sight for a fair damsel such as yourself.

Look at these fists Jackie Shire! Look at these fists! I could catch meat with these! I could fish and pick grain! I could provide for us Jackie Shire! My fists are strong and enormous! Love me!

Oh, you're married?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the hate for Mickey Kaus? He's out there in the arena talking into a web cam while drinking coffee and you.. you.. are just a critic, making occasionally amusing cracks about public figures and world events, while adding no value whatsoever to this planet.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous david said...

I'm not really detecting any hatred at all. This site actually seems oddly affectionate to me. The person who writes it obviously likes Bloggingheads.tv -- otherwise he/she wouldn't bother ridiculing it in such detail.

Also, when have bloggers ever been required to add value to the planet?

2:13 AM  

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